Best practice insights

Gain best practice insights on how to (re-)configure your existing solution to best meet your changing business needs and take full advantage of its capabilities. We identify performance improvement opportunities in the form of ‘quick wins’ and project recommendations along with implementation estimates for each.

A Better View

  • Identify and document stakeholder’s known key issues

  • Review the current Dynamics/Intacct settings vs. best practices where applicable

  • Observe current business practices as users enter sample key transactions (e.g. sales order, payables invoice, journal entry, etc.)

  • Meet your ROI objectives

Our ERP System Assessment and Tune-Up Approach

Our customer service goal is to deliver high value, efficiently and effectively. To do so, our system assessment approach uses a combination of top-down (issues-driven) and bottom-up (direct observation) analysis conducted via interviews and meetings attended by relevant business process owners. The relevant ERP system assessment scope can be tailored to be as focused or as broad as needed to best meet your needs.

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