Closing Your Books in Sage Intacct


 by Briley Acker, CPA It is common practice for organizations and businesses to close their books at both month-end and year-end to control any changes that [...]

Intacct 2019 R1: Favorite New Features


 by Briley Acker, CPA Sage Intacct’s latest release includes a wide variety of updates to enhance system processing and to make the financial system more scalable [...]

AP Workflow that Works for You in Sage Intacct


 by Briley Acker, CPA The Purchasing module in Sage Intacct allows companies to customize their AP process. This ensures that their current purchasing policies and workflow [...]

Importing & Exporting Vendor Records in


 by Briley Acker, CPA The import/export feature in is traditionally used to add new vendor records, but this feature can also drastically speed up the [...]

Managing Transaction Currencies in Intacct


 by Briley Acker, CPA Managing Transaction Currencies in Intacct If your organization is subscribed to multi-currency management, you have the freedom to add transaction currencies and [...]

Scheduling Standard & Custom Reports: Memorize Reports to Enable Scheduling in Intacct


 by Briley Acker, CPA The scheduling feature is frequently applied to monthly financial statements that are processed from Intacct. However, the need to include additional schedules [...]

The Board Book Dashboard – The new Sage Intacct and GuideStar dashboard for your organization’s metrics


written by Ryan Wilson On April 20th, 2018 Sage Intacct released the innovative Board Book dashboard powered by GuideStar, the world’s largest data warehouse for nonprofit [...]

How Does the New Intacct Release Impact You?


by Ryan Wilson On February 9th Sage Intacct released its first round of new features for 2018.  These features impacted a variety of issues, from direct [...]

Welcome to Power BI!


by Ryan Wilson As new fiscal years begin, many clients begin to think of new ways to track and measure their information. For many, the thought [...]

Sage Intacct – Your Year-End Checklist


by Ryan Wilson Sage Intacct allows an easy transition into the next fiscal year. Simply navigate to the GL Module and select 'Close Periods.' While Intacct [...]

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