Directions 2019 Review: Focus on the Future


 by Patrick O'Connor Directions North America was originally established to bring together Dynamics NAV partners in the SMB market as a way to network and learn [...]

New in Dynamics SL: Automating AP Approvals


 by Anthony Rice Do you need to automate your expense approvals but find it hard to implement a large-scale solution because of your budget? Luckily, with [...]

Dynamics SL: Cash Manager vs. Bank Reconciliation Module


 written by Jerome Butler Are you currently doing your bank reconciliations in either Excel or on paper?  If yes, then you should consider doing your recs [...]

Welcome to Power BI!


by Ryan Wilson As new fiscal years begin, many clients begin to think of new ways to track and measure their information. For many, the thought [...]

T3 Awarded 2017 Partner Award for BI360 Sales Evangelist and Innovation


T3 is proud to share that Solver has presented us with the 2017 Partner Award for BI360 Sales Evangelist and Innovation. Solver CEO Nils Rasmussen had [...]

Updating Report Headers in Management Reporter


 by Briley Acker, CPA Formatting report headers and footers in Management Reporter offers organizations an opportunity to create sleek and clear financial statements, which should minimize [...]

Troubleshoot Tuesday: How to Override this Common SmartConnect Error


 by Taek Kim Error Message: “This record is currently being edited by another user.” Today we’ll deal with an issue that plagues many SmartConnect users that [...]

Take the Pain out of Budgeting while Using Excel


by Mary Schmidt The budgeting process can be complex and, to accomplish what you need, there are several sophisticated budgeting solutions available on the market. A [...]

Invoice and AR Preview in Dynamics SL: Simple, Helpful, and Underutilized


by Zac Richards The invoice preview functionality in Microsoft Dynamics SL allows you to view your invoice before it is sent out. It is a helpful [...]

Entering Registration Keys in Microsoft Dynamics


This "How to Video" explains the process of locating your product registration keys and entering them in Microsoft Dynamics SL. You may need to enter registration [...]

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